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Madison Smither (Founder/President): New Orleans, LA
"Hi! I'm Madison Smither, Founder/President of Safe Light at Night. I love science because of its power to inspire curiosity, innovation, hope, and change. Through my internship at the Tulane Cancer Center studying the carcinogenic effects of light exposure at night, I have been inspired to make a difference and help others learn about the harmful effects of blue light and reduce their exposure. Through competing at Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair as well as attending Yale's Young Global Scholars Program, I have been able to meet new friends from all over the world who have taught me the power of working together to make a change. With Safe Light at Night, we can make a global impact together!"
Emre Toner: Boston, MA
"Hi I'm Emre and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. Ever since a young age I have always had a deep interest in the sciences. This summer, I attended the Science, Policy and Innovation session part of the Yale Young Global Scholars program and worked at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research as a research assistant. Being that several of my extended family members and close family friends have been affected by cancer, I hope to take any initiative possible to further awareness and prevention of cancer. When I heard about Madison's Safe Light at Night organization, I was ecstatic to join!"
Daniel Soberanes: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
"I am a senior that loves technology and new ways to implement it, which also means figuring out how to stay safe around it. Some of my hobbies include reading and especially writing. I love computer science and hope to pursue further studies in that area, as well as neuroscience, in the future."
Aslan Abilkairov: Taraz, Kazakhstan
"I am a senior at the Specialized School for Gifted Children. I am really keen on soccer and solving different energy issues. That's why I became interested in the "Safe Light at Night" organization, which I heard about from Madison on "TED Talks" during my unforgettable two week study at Yale."
Ramzi Talhouk: Buffalo, NY
"Hi, I'm Ramzi. I am a senior in high school from Buffalo, New York. My passions are tennis and working to make a difference in the world. It is for this reason that I am so confident in Safe Light at Night's mission, and take part in cancer research of my own. I hope to see you all out in the field, helping to reduce harmful blue light exposure at night."
Maria Neely: Albany, NY
"Hello! My name is Maria Neely and I am 17 years old. I attend Guilderland High School. Outside of school, I dance competitively at Eleanor's School of Dance. I also am heavily involved in my school's French club and Science Olympiad. I am so happy to be joining Safe Light at Night. This organization has a special place in my heart; I have been greatly impacted by cancer. It is amazing that something as simple as decreasing blue light exposure can lessen your chances of contracting this deadly disease. I'm excited to make a change for the better!"
Azaria King: Battle Creek, MI
"I am Azaria King-a high school senior in Battle Creek, Michigan. I love politics, learning, reading, science, writing, and social justice. Safe Light at Night's mission relates to me because I feel that this issue is very important but not widely known- I know I get some weird looks when I tell people about it!"
Joshua Choi: Ellicott City, MD
"Joshua Choi is a senior in high school in Maryland. He is very interested in science and mathematics, specifically biology and chemistry, and plans to go into a career in medicine. In his free time, he enjoys playing cello, drums and electric bass, and plays in orchestras and competitions. Exposure to blue light at night is a problem that relates to him because although it can be solved, it still affects many people, including teenagers. By spreading awareness on the harmful health effects and the different solutions, blue light exposure can be limited and many people can be protected through education and outreach."
Rizine Robert: Nairobi, Kenya
"A writer currently in the fight against Climate Change, writing and raising awareness among the youth to join the fight by devising solutions to its agents. Progressing in Computer Programming and really a computer geek. A dancer mostly versed in the art of breakdance and abundant of quotes. Though cliché, it is truly better to be safe than sorry; many people suffer without knowing the origin nor cause of their suffering. Thus, it is key to inform and provide solutions to these effects to reduce loss and  eventually eradicate the use of blue light at night.
'The Only True Obstacle Is You - Rizine Robert'"
Laura Yang: Poughkeepsie, NY
"My name is Laura Yang and I am from Poughkeepsie, NY. I moved to NY three years ago from South Korea. I am passionate about helping others and contributing to ameliorate the global warming. I love teaching young students or children especially. My hobby is going under the shade of the tree and looking for birds. I love hiking too."
Yuka Sugiura: Tokyo, Japan
"I'm Yuka Sugiura. My hobby is playing tennis and playing the violin. Since many students in Japan are not aware of the harmful effects of bluelight, I want to tell them about it and help them have healthier lives."
Urooba Ahmed: Islamabad, Pakistan
"Hi! I'm Urooba from Islamabad, Pakistan. I'm currently admitted in AS Level which makes me a rising junior. Since the age of 14, I've been involved in drug development for cancer therapy  which quite satisfies the fact that many people at my school call me "Cancer Girl". I'm a member of one of the largest student run NGOs'  in Pakistan namely, Rescue Pakistan Youth Foundation where my team and I work towards the betterment of health and education sector of Pakistan. During my free time, which is  very rare, I like reading  books  and socialize. "Safe Light at Night" to me is a brilliant initiative of educating people on how they can protect themselves from carcinogenic blue light emissions. I look forward to working with Safe Light at Night to ensure a brighter and healthier future for all."
Rekha Vegesna: Secunderabad, Telengana, India
"Flip that Pack is grass roots level awareness initiative in operation since 2013.  Rekha Vegesna, Founder and President of Flip that Pack is very involved in both the research and outreach efforts.
Azo dyes  constitute 60%-70% of the total dyes used in food and textiles, and given the acute toxicity of these dyes, the uproar calling for their replacement is well justified. Rekha understands the responsibities of the scientific community to modern society, and aims at providing viable alternatives to the use of azo dyes in food through her research.  http://www.flipthatpack.com/wpsoft/scientific-community/"
Catie Demaret: Chicago, IL
"My name is Catie Demaret, I am a senior this year, and I am very excited about what Safe Light at Night can accomplish! This organization is dedicated to solving a problem most people aren't even aware of, which makes our job 10x more important. Here's a little about me; I live in Schaumburg, Illinois, a Chicago Suburb. I am the Varsity Poms Captain, and have been on the team all four years. I love to dance and have been dancing through a studio, company or school for most of my life. I play lacrosse, and have played all four years of high school. I am on the debate team, I am on the NHS board, and I am the Vice President of our French Club. I plan to study International Relations and Political Science in College, and then attend Law School to become a Human Rights lawyer. My most memorable community service experience was volunteering in Highlands, New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. Thank you for your interest in Safe Light at Night, help us spread the word!"
Adam He: Birmingham, AL
"I am a 17 year old in Birmingham, AL attending the Alabama School of Fine Arts. My interests include astronomy, physics, math, acting, and fencing. I also love Netflixing (as do a ton of other people my age), and after hearing about how dangerous blue light exposure is, I realized that Safe Light at Night is disseminating a very relevant message to society and I'd like to help in whatever way I can."
Haley Coleman: Las Vegas, NV
"Hi! I am Haley Coleman from Las Vegas, Nevada! I am a senior at Bishop Gorman High School and I run Cross Country and participate in various academic clubs around campus. I really love going to concerts and traveling (even though I have never been out of the United States…) I am particularly interested in Safe Light at Night because, living in the city that is literally always lit up, I am mildly terrified :) I think Safe Light at Night is a really important cause that needs more recognition and I’m excited to be part of that process!"
Jane Cooper: New Orleans, LA
"Jane Cooper is currently a junior at Benjamin Franklin High School and a drama student at New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. Her passion is drama and she hopes to make a career in theater and film. Jane considers Safe Light at Night's mission an important one. She is very passionate about educating her community, especially teens, about the risks of exposure to light at night. Safe Light at Night is a very exciting organization that Jane is happy to represent as a Global Ambassador."
Jihyun Celine Kim: Seoul, South Korea
"My name is Jihyun Celine Kim. I spend most of my free time at the barn riding horses. I love riding, but I also love to debate and participate in MUN. I am excited to be part of the Safe Light at Night as an ambassador. As an all-time phone user, I desperately feel the need to find solutions to protect ourselves from the exposure to harmful blue-light. I look forward to contributing in raising awareness of the issue and making a change in the society."
Isadora Menezes: Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil 
"Hello! My name is Isadora,17-years old and I live in this extremely hot city called Manaus, located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, in Brazil. I try to make the difference everywhere I go to and I also have this huge passion for science, medicine (specially genetics, neurology and oncology) and chemistry that I have no idea where all this interest came from, maybe it is in my bloodstream. When I heard about Safe Light at Night, the first thing I did was to check the website and I found it pretty interesting, once this is the kind of information that is not widely spread, which makes all this work really important to our global community. The topic really relates to me because I appreciate cancer research on ways to prevent and treat it. So, I am very excited about this!"
Bethel Yalew: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
"Hi. My name is Bethel Yalew Endawoke. I am from Ethiopia. I was born and raised in a town called Bahir Dar. I finished my first 13 years of education in SOS Herman Gmeiner School. And I will start my A levels in September 2015 in African Leadership Academy, which is found in South Africa. I was born on April 16, 1998. So I am currently 17 years old. Some of my hobbies include playing basketball and soccer, skating and playing pool. I really like sports. I am also interested in Math and Science. I have a plan of pursuing science especially in the health field. Though I still have not decided what to study in college, I’m interested in Biomedical engineering and medicine. I feel honored to be the Ambassador of Safe Light at Night in Ethiopia, because I would like to create awareness and spread the word about the effects of blue light to my community. I believe we can prevent the harm if we are aware of the problem."
Catherine Sillars: New Orleans, LA
"Catherine Sillars is a high school student in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is an actor and a national award winning playwright. Catherine is delighted to be given the opportunity to be a global ambassador for Safe Light at Night. As a teenager, the dangers associated with blue light affect her greatly and she hopes to spread the word to many teenagers like herself."
Asma Ladak: Karachi, Pakistan

"My name is Asma Akbar Ladak and I am currently studying GCE Alevels at The Lyceum School in Karachi, Pakistan. Since a very young age, I have been involved in a lot of community service be it at the local level or international. I am currently an active member of The Aga Khan Social Welfare Board, serving as the youngest Associate Member for the portfolio for Prevention of Abuses and Gender. My passion for service has also been awarded by the Pakistan Girls Guides Association where I have received the "Jugnoo" award and the "Best Guide Award", two of the highest girl guides accolades. Furthermore, I had the opportunity of expanding my services to deprived communities in Kenya and Tanzania in the "Global Encounters" program! 
After attending the Yale Young Global Scholars program this year along with the President for "Safe Light at Night," my passion for service has had a strengthened coupling effect with my ever growing love for science and research and this initiative of Madison's was exactly what i was looking for! Having had local and international research experience in aspects of Maternal Mortality, Kangaroo Mother Care, Ebola Outbreak and Malnutrition, I am determined to be soon conducting my own researches on issues related to health care and bringing about a change in the lives of individuals who do not have access to quality healthcare. 
I am really looking forward to working for this amazing initiative and educating people about the carcinogenic qualities of blue light at night!"
Ilaria Simeone: New Orleans, LA
"Hi! My name is Ilaria Simeone, and I live in New Orleans, LA. I have been passionate about science from a young age, and for the past year, I have had the pleasure of interning at the Tulane Center for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine where I am helping with studies focused on creating novel stem cell therapies for neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. In my spare time, I play the piano and violin, volunteer, and I also enjoy reading. I have known Madison for quite some time (14 years to be exact!), and I have learned a great deal about her research involving blue light over the past year as we both competed at the 2015 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair representing our high school, Ben Franklin, in New Orleans. The information that I have learned about the carcinogenic effects of blue light at night has definitely opened my eyes and has made me realize that more people need to know about the simple solutions that could be implemented to solve this problem. I am excited to join Safe Light at Night as a Global Ambassador!"
Rahul GS: Chennai, India
"I'm a quizzer, debater, eating champion and a perpetual day dreamer. I like working with wood, food, chips, computers, bicycles and awesome people who want to have an impact on the world. I like physics, math and thinking about random things. I'm exited to be a part of this organisation and looking forward to solve this problem."
Miriam Ellis: New Orleans, LA
"Hello, my name is Miriam. I'm 16 and from New Orleans, Louisiana. I first heard about Safe Light at Night from my friend Madison, and after finding out more about it I was completely behind this cause. I think it's really important that more people become aware of this issue like I did. I like sailing, going to poetry slams, and participating in Mock Trial at my school. I'm so excited to be a part of this movement and can't wait to see its impact!"
Chizoba Eziuzo: Nigeria
"I am Chizoba Eziuzo from Nigeria. I am 16. I was born on 13th March. I am a rising senior. I am happy to be a Safe Light at Night Ambassador. I have a lot of dreams for my future; I want to be great, I want to be an inspirational leader, a role model, I want to be a globetrotter, a cosmopolitan, I want to tour round the world. I want to touch a lot of lives. I want to help make the world a better place. Working hard in my studies in order to get into any of the ivy league schools especially Yale. I strongly hope I will make an impact in this organisation."
Chika Okuda: Yokohama, Japan
"Hi, my name is Chika. I go to Tokyo Gakugei High, I play tennis and sometimes draw pictures. I love doing new things and reaching out to the world. Safe Light at Night is a really inspiring organization, and I’m excited to work together with amazing young people. Light exposure is a big problem of our generation, that isn’t even noticed. We need to make a change!"
Jérémiah Knockaert: Guérande, France
"Hi I’m Jérémiah Knockaert, I live in Guérande, on the west coast of France.
I am passionate about the sciences and especially physics. I won the Olympiads of France with my team, and we participated in the ISEF contest in 2015. It’s where I met Madison! Now I’m very glad to help her for this experience!"
Ciara Timban: Troy, MI
Chelsea Uddenberg: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Henry Mohn: Shelburne, VT
Grace Song: Sydney, Australia
Tuhin Bagi: India
Bethel Y. Endawoke: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Alyssa Davis: Mesa, AZ
Alex Stutt: New York, NY
Allegra Girardello: Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
Anne Veeder: London, United Kingdom
Vunya Srinivasa: Johns Creek, GA
Lucia Vita: United Kingdom
Nadine Khoury: Brooklyn, NY
Shreya Menon: Ann Arbor, MI
Lia Chen: Ringoes, NJ
Claudine Narayan: Hayward, CA
Amy Zhao: Vestavia Hills, AL
Jacquelin Ho: San Ramon, CA
Giulia Maria Ramella: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Herman Bathla: Paradise Valley, AZ
Grace Lin: Concord, MA
Thant Htoo Zaw: Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar
Pranav Gurusankar: Singapore, Singapore
Karena Zhao: Edmond, OK
Eva Minahan: Brookeville, MD
Isadora Menezes: Brazil
Yvonne Deng: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Emily Davidson: New Orleans, LA
Calandra Matoushaya: Paris, France; Harare, Zimbabwe
Caroline Kavanaugh: New Orleans, LA
Michelle Lu: Paramus, NJ
Emma Lopez: New Orleans, LA
Caitlin Yeung: Hong Kong
Sherry Feng: Fairfax, Virginia
Owokunda Onesmus: Fort Portal, Uganda
Elle McCall: New Orleans, LA
Jenny Zhang: Cincinnatti, OH
Anna Herbst: Karlsruhe, Germany