How are you reducing YOUR light exposure?
Light exposure at night is an epidemic, but one with SOLUTIONS that can prevent its harmful effects, including the use of sleep masks, blue light-blocking glasses, and even the simple download of blue-light reducing software for the iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer. Harmful light exposure at night can even be significantly reduced by switching out a blue light alarm clock for a red light alarm clock, as red light doesn’t have the same direct effect on the circadian rhythm as that of blue light.
Sleep Masks: Easy Fix
In addition to cutting out harmful light exposure, sleep masks reduce sleep disruption to help ensure a peaceful night.
Blue-Light Blocking Glasses
Work late? Blue-light blocking glasses cut out harmful blue light while still allowing you to get your work done. These glasses also promote healthy eyesight and healthy sleep patterns.
For those who have a tendency to stay on their electronics late at night, f.lux is the way to go. This software is designed to reduce blue light exposure at night to represent the natural light of the sun.
Alarm Clock: Always Red
When buying an alarm clock, always be sure to pick one with red light instead of blue light. This is an easy way to reduce blue light exposure at night. It is also a good idea to cover other small blue light sources in your nighttime environment to reduce exposure.
Shift worker?
Working the night shift causes significant circadian disruption, so it is a good idea to use blackout shades during the day. By creating this artificial nighttime environment, the body will produce melatonin as it normally would at night.
No More Night Lights
Night lights are a seemingly innocent source of light exposure at night that are culprits in so many households. It is always best to ensure that the nighttime environment is completely dark.