The Problem: Light Exposure at Night
Blue Light: A Modern-Day Hazard
Light exposure at night, especially exposure to blue light that is so prevalent in our modern society through iPads, iPhones, LED lighting, and more, can cause decreased levels of melatonin to be released by the pineal gland, resulting in disruption of the circadian rhythm (the body’s internal time clock) that can lead to many harmful health effects, namely cancer.
Are YOU exposed to blue light at night?
Light exposure at night is a widespread problem that affects all sectors of society in this modern world. Many studies have been conducted on the adverse health effects of light exposure at night on shift workers, but in this increasingly technological world, how different is the level of light exposure for the average person from that of a shift worker?
Teens: Next Generation at Risk
Teens are arguably the group most at risk due to increased reliance on electronics not only for studying and reading, but also for social media, networking, and communication, and it is extremely important to promote practical solutions to light exposure at night to this group, potentially the most susceptible to these harmful effects. Perhaps the scariest thing about this generation of teenagers is that we are the first to experience technology in such high doses and beginning at such an early age. 
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